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In the local area around Sunflower Guest House we have a selection of options for our guests who like fishing.


These include the River Rositsa in Resen village only 5 minutes away plus our village mayor has a private lake of which we have access to at a small fee.


For those of you who would like a bigger challenge, 20 minutes away in Veliko Tarnovo there is Sveta Gora Lake which is mainly stocked with about 290 carp weighing 5 - 25 kg, and approx.1500 pieces of carp weighing 1 - 3 kg plus White Amur weighing 4 -18 kg. The lake is also inhabited by more exotic fish species with the cherry on the cake - Beluga weighing 18 – 35 kg..


Sveta Gora Lake prices : 10 BGN for daily fishing for 3 fishing rods per person. It is mandatory that the mountings are on one hook only. Guests of the Lake must also have a hat, hook or other tool to easily remove the hook from the fish's mouth and carp mattress.

Fishing Permits

A fishing permit is required in order to fish

Free Walking Tours of Veliko Tarnovo

Free Walking Tours of Veliko Tarnovo

Every day April to November you can join in a FREE walking tour of the historical town of Veliko Tarnovo starting at 11.00 am in front of the Tourist Information Centre.


Here you will meet your guides for a walk in his old town who will showing you the glory of the old capital of Bulgaria, many historical sights and the facts you should never miss whilst visiting this beautiful location.

Off- Road Jeep Drives

Off- Road Jeep Drives

Hill Top Tours give you the opportunity to explore see Veliko Tarnovo from a different view!

OFF ROAD Jeep Tour - The hills of Arbanassi and Veliko Tarnovo

Enjoy the incredible views over this centuries old town and see from above all the cultural landmarks like Tsaravets and Trapezitis. Climb the hills around the old capital and experience the emotion of the off-road adventure. Then…touch the Bulgarian socialist history when you cross the steep wooded hills with this classic socialist machine - the one of a kind Jeep Oasis.

Duration and price:  30 – 90 mins.   From 7 BGN/person

OFF ROAD Jeep Tour – Veliko Tarnovo and its surrounding Areas

Depending on your choice you will have the chance to visit interesting attractions in the area such as Kapinovski monastery and waterfall, Hornitsa waterfall, Nikopolis as Istrum, Lyaskovski/Petropalovski monastery, Preobrazhenskii monastery and others in combination with off-road. Each of the routes includes off-road driving passing through dirt roads and places inaccessible to a normal car. Depending on the chosen destination the off-road journey can reach more than half of the intended route. 30 minute breaks are provided for each attraction visited.

Duration and price: 2 – 4 hours.    From 15 BGN/person


Mini-Bulgaria Park

Mini-Bulgaria Park

The Mini-Bulgaria Park is located on a 3 acre plot very close to Veliko Tarnovo centre. Exhibited here are miniature models of some of the most famous landmarks of Bulgaria

During your visit, you can see the development of the Bulgarian state, starting from the Roman epoch with the Roman theatre of Plovdiv, also known as the Ancient Theater of Philippopolis as well as the Roman aqueduct there. Next up you can enjoy the glory of the First Bulgarian Empire and the Great Basilica in Pliska, which was also the capital back then.

Following that comes the Second Bulgarian Empire where the capital back then was our own Veliko Tarnovo, and non-other than the very symbol of the town – the Tsarevets fortress represents this. Tracing the steps to modern times we have a model of the Nezavisimost Square in Sofia, and Varna Airport.


Park Mini Bulgaria is the only place where you can explore all the former royal palaces of Bulgarian Tsars for the duration of a simple walk and all the miniature models have been meticulously hand crafted to the smallest detail on a M1:25 scale.


Opening hours: Apr – Sept : 09:00 – 19:30   Oct – Mar : 09:00 – 18:00

Ticket prices: Children, students and seniors 5 BGN / Adults 10 BGN/ Family ticket 20 BGN

Horse Riding

Horse Riding

Only 14 minutes from the Sunflower Guest House, Stefan Stambolovo is the local horse stables Ponderosa nestled away in the friendly & traditional village of Obedinenie. 

The Ponderosa offers guided rides on Western & English trained horses to suit you, the rides are tailored so that you can get feel of freedom on horseback across miles of beautiful & tranquil scenery.

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